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Friday, September 28, 2018

10 years - and it's even worse

Seriously?  I stopped writing because I thought Americans had finally come to their senses.  A visionary bested a patriot in a free and fair election, and set forth to correct the misguided decisions our executives had been making for the previous twenty years.

Ten years later, a scary clown is president,  racism and fascism are accepted points of view, newspapers are dead, television "news" is actually registered with the FCC as entertainment, adn there is not branch of the government that functions properly.

Brent Kavanaugh displayed, in very loud tones, yesterday that he is completely unfit to sit on any federal bench - let alone the Supreme Court.  Anyone who supports this dumpster fire of a nominee is a garbage person.  He was unqualified to begin with, out of step with the people, and holding a number of unconstitutional positions - namely his opinions on executive power and Roe v. Wade.  Not controversial opinions, unconstitutional opinions - that means he is not qualified, period.

Judge Kavanaugh's personal failings aside, my real disappointment is in Senator Lindsey Graham.  Now Senator Graham and I don't agree on much, it's entirely possible that the only thing we agree on is that we love America.  I would never vote for Senator Graham, and I don't think he serves his state as well as he could - especially the minority citizens of his state.  However; the Senator is a fantastic advocate for veterans, seniors, and wealthy white people who own vacation homes in South Carolina. 

I have watched the senator debate foreign policy.  We disagree, but he makes excellent points.  He is well informed, well reasoned, and makes sober arguments.  Until yesterday.

I wanted to vomit.  Senator Graham unleashed an ignorant, misogamist, juvenile tirade during Judge Kavanaugh's testimony.  He lost my respect.  I can not respect a man that would act like a 15 year old in a senate committee hearing.  I can not respect a man that does not think some one should not apologize for committing sexual assault.  Judge Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual assault, that is clear.  Was he young?  Yes.  Does that excuse the behavior? No.  Judge Kavanaugh is guilty of perjury, he lied to the committee about his substance abuse problem.  Judge Kavanaugh could not get a security clearance.  And Senator Graham chooses to support him?  There were no such questions about Justices's Sotamayor or Kagan. 

So Senator how about you shut your mouth and look for your integrity.  I don't know where you lost it, but it is gone.  John McCain would be disappointed in you, and so am I.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Big Release

It is time for someone else to be angry. I've had the ball for 8 years and I am positive (without any doubts, waffles, or caveats) that I will no longer be blisteringly angry come November 4. So here I want to take the time to thank...George W. Bush.

Thanks for the wars, they made it impossible for your party to win. Thanks for your regressive economic policy, you fucked up our money so bad only a democrat could figure out how to undo the damage. Thanks for the character attacks, 8 years of them has made 60% of the country so discussed with that kind of thing it's libel not to work again for another 10. Thanks for your selfishness, you really have shown the American people what being a republican is all about. Thanks for the cronyism, now we know that not just anyone can do the job. Thanks for the broken government, because now we know we need one that works. Thanks for the laughs, no really the shit that comes out of your mouth is hilarious, scary, but hilarious. Thanks for beating John McCain in 2000, now we know who he really is. Thanks for all the religious self righteousness, it is more apparent than ever that we don't need religion in our politics (see chocolate and peanut butter, reverse.) Thanks for panicking on September 11, 2001, now we can recognize a real leader when we see one. Thanks for Dick Cheney, now we can recognize who should not be allowed to be Vice President (or even be allowed to tour the office of the Vice President.) Thanks for demonstrating so vibrantly why the Reagan model does not, cannot, and never will work, now we can get back to building the country instead of stuffing your wallet.

I'm sure I have missed things, but I am content to let history count the rest. So by that measure, history will be very busy in the next few decades.

In parting this post, I want to be clear that George W. Bush has so massively mismanaged this country that the next president (which will be Barack Obama, no if's, and"s, or but's) will be digging us out of a manure pile that is stacked to the moon. It will not be easy, and the republicans will come after him in 2012 - but look at the bright side: The might be stupid enough to nominate Sarah Palin for president. Now that is a joke!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No One Has Elected You President John!

So today John McCain, in a startling act of presumption, has decided that he wants to tell Barack Obama, Congress, and President Bush what to do. In a attempt to seem like he knows a god damn thing about the economy he is proposing to postpone Fridays debate in order to have an "emergency leadership meeting." So McCain things "Boy's State" is the answer. I happen to think McCain is being oportunistic. McCain has not spent a single day in debate prep, he is now down by 9 points in the polls, and he doesn't want to get his ass kicked. You know what they do in sports when this happens - the team that doesn't show up forfits. Worse, this is McCain prestending to put the country first, but really just putting himself first. If he had expertice on the economy I would say it was a good idea, if his previuos reform legislation had not been total failures I'd say it was a good idea - but he doesn't, and they are; please John, just take your loss like a man and stop pretending you are the president - you never will be. Just be satified with being a second tier senator that no one trusts.

In other news Sarah Palin actually got something right. She said that "another Great Depresion is possible." Good for you, Sarah! Your almost as smart as everyone else in the country. Way to pick up on the obvious.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

These Two Make Me Sick

Once again the media (ugh, I hate this crap) has shown it's hypocritical side in a time for serious consideration. After a half hearted stab at Gov. Palin, they seem to be bending to the McCain narrative that she is Jesus, Mother Teresa, Mary Pickford, and Ronald Reagan all rolled up into one complete sentence making, quasi adorable "hockey mom."

What she is is a culmination of all the bad social and economic policy that has driven this country into the rut in which it currently lies. Backward policy is not change, that's more of the same. Just because it comes out of the mouth of someone whom it normally does not, does not make it new. That is the exceptional thing about Barack Obama - it's that he is different looking, but his message is different as well.

The media will now criticize Obama for even hinting at anything wrong with Gov. Palin, while giving her the freedom to pretty much do and say what she wants with no fear of retribution. It can not be allowed. If Gov. Palin insists on offering her family and it's values up as an example to which the country must adhere - then she should be scrutinized by that standard. If she makes her family part of the campaign, then she must accept (without complaint) that she has done that, not Obama, and suffer the consequences. Not only are those the rules of the game, but it would go a long way to proving she is qualified to be president if Oldy McOlderCain should become unable to serve.

My opinion of Gov. Palin has not changed in the past week. She is still the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the republican party, she still is a enemy of women on policy, she still is having her qualifications inflated. saw Karl Rove claim that she was the mayor of the second largest city in Alaska before becoming governor. Wasilla, Alaska has a population of 9,780, if you are being generous. Anchorage is the largest with a metro population of about 360,000; the capital of Juno has roughly 30,000 residents. I think it is safe to say that Wasilla is not even in the league. And if they want to compare Gov. Tim Kaine's previous mayorship to Palin's (why they do this I do not know, seeing as how Kaine was NOT selected to be Vice-President) the City of Richmond has a population of 200,000 - though the metro area is significantly higher - 1.1 million.

I have also heard callers to CSPAN claim that she ran a "big state." Excuse me - HA, ha ha, HA, HAAHAAHAAHAHAHA, hee, hee, chordal, laugh. You have to multiply the population of then entire state of Alaska by 14 to get the population of Chicago. All told, there are 16 US CITIES! with larger populations than the entire state of Alaska. I'm sure you have guessed such easy ones as New York, LA, Houston...but did you know that Columbus, Ohio and Austin, Texas best the entirety of Alaska by close to 100,000 souls? It is true that the state is very large in terms of square mileage, but in less polar bears, seals, and moose are getting the vote I don't think it qualifies as a big state.

Another thing that really bugs me. The people of Alaska are paid, but the state and the federal government to live there. Is Gov. Palin really going to lecture the American people about government waste and hand outs when she is the governor of a state that is handing people my tax dollars to live there?

For those who want to vote for a woman, I understand - I don't approve, but I understand. But just consider her positions on every issue of our day. Take away the breasts and the five kids, then dresses and the glasses, add 6 inches and a goofy stammer and what do you have? George Bush in heels.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Post Convention

I am so excited. Not just because the Convention moved in the way a good play should, culminating in a great climax - or to be plain, that the last act was the best; but because John McCain has done himself a huge disservice with his VP pick.

Gov. Palin makes Barack Obama look positively over qualified to be president. This is deadly for a man who could keel over at any minute. I'm serious, the man is old and the job is high stress.

Now I am sure that the nation will be hearing a lot of the the pundits that McCain has played the right card in or to pickup the bitter Hillary Clinton voters. And if those women wish to support a ticket that does not recognize their right to choose, has less experience, is ultra conservative, and is plainly the worst kind of pandering - so be it. The rest of us will not forget that they took their toys and went home when the going got tough. I can't help but wonder where these women were when Carol Mosley Brown was running 4 years ago. Oh right, they were voting for John Kerry. Thanks a lot.

Even better, the pick of Gov. Palin will shine a big old light on the up coming trial of Sen. Ted Stevens. Here are some of the incredible highlights of this regressive candidate:

Palin is pro-life.

Palin supports the teaching of creationism alongside evolution in schools.

She opposes same-sex marriage.

She supported a non-binding referendum on whether there should be a constitutional amendment on the matter.

Alaska was one of the first U.S. states to pass a constitutional ban on gay marriage, in 1998, along with Hawaii. Palin has stated that she supported the 1998 constitutional amendment.

Governor Palin is currently under investigation by an independent investigator hired by the legislature to determine if she abused her power when firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan.

That last one is really interesting - you should look it up. Or just wait a week - it will be all over television. There's sex involved.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's all in the T-Shirt

Today I am wearing my brand new Obama 08 T-Shirt. There are several good things about this shirt:

1) It fits. I have been having trouble with this over the past month - many of my clothes seem to have been replaced with tents.
2) Though I am usually not a fan of brown, this brown looks good.
3) The casual observer might just think it's a sports T-Shirt.
4) Here is the big one: I get really great service at Starbucks! Like really great. Like "come to front of the line, my man" great.

I am wearing this also in celebration (thats right) of McCain getting a lead in one poll. Obama needed a wake up call and he got it. Not that One poll makes it a real lead. And everyone does seem to have forgotten that the vaunted Zogby poll has been wrong about the presidential election for the past 2 cycles. So in spite of the press latching on to what is most likely an aberration, or a bad polling sample, I think it's good for Obama to have some adversity to deal with.

Now Hurry up with the VP selection will you - I'm getting Impatient!

Monday, August 04, 2008

CNN is dumber than I though

I watched Late Edition for the first time ever this weekend. I can now say that CNN has the Stupidest Team in Politics. For not other reason that in the hopes of sparking doubt, or appearing impartial, or just out of plain old ignorance the CNN equivalent of MSNBC's Chuck Todd, one Bill Schneider , spouts off a California poll that shows Obama up by more than 20 points - then proceeds to twist that Obama's national lead is based completely on the number difference from California. What he does not do is include Texas, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Mississippi in this count as overwhelming numbers for McCain, because the people who live there are stupid. No really, look up the education numbers. It's not impolite and elitist if it's true - and there is no reason to be proud about being stupid.

It's think kind of twisting of numbers that really gets me pissed off. In a way it might be good, it could send more Obama devotees to the polls on election day, but mostly it paints the picture that this race is closer than it is.

John McCain has been putting out negative television ads before his own convention. Talk about going negative early. The first one to go negative is usually the one who is going to lose. Not only that, most campaigns wait until the actual general election begins. John McCain's own campaign knows they are going to lose unless the do something drastic. Like they have already done. There is a argument to be made that they just did it not to get buried during the Obama "the world already thinks I'm president" tour - but either way it illustrates a profound desperation.